Ready Built Equipment

Super Reverb 4 x 10 Custom build .......... £875.00 (£729.00 Ex VAT) ..... P&P tbc

Hand built AB763 Super Reverb ( Blackface) circuit.

Sprague & Orange drop caps... CTS pots , switchcraft sockets & switches Carbon comp resistors...Cloth covered solid core wire...Groove Tubes throughout.
Hand built ,point to point. original fibre board.
Mojo solid pine cabinet...Hammond Transformers….Speakers are WGS Veteran 10``( seamed paper cone).

Can be set up for a variety of sound styles...Parallel 2 ohms or series/parallel 8 ohms. The standard ` all in parallel` 2ohm sound is tight & punchy.. The Series/Parallel 8 ohm wiring is looser and spacious... all easy done with `Faston` bayonet lock speaker connectors.

Output tube sockets wired to take 6L6`s or EL34`s Along with the GZ34 rectifier tube gives this a real JTM45 sound.
Normal channel wired slightly hot . The Reverb/Trem channel as original 1964 wiring…Stunning tone..The WGS speakers are the best .. A labour of love .




Stereo SE KT88 Power Amp .......... £800.00 ( £666.00 Ex VAT) ..... P&P tbc

A nice little Class A power amp.

Stereo line in. KT88 triode wired .. around 8 watt output per channel.

4 or 8 ohm outputs.

Provision is made to plug in your DVM and set bias. Can be run anywhere from 50ma up to 90ma

Call or email for more info..